Black Lives Matter

This week has been an emotional week, especially for those in the black community. Racism is an ever prevalent disease, in the workplace, at home, in the streets, within society. Even if you do not realise it, the POC community does. A series of protests have been held around the world for the justice of black people who were the victims of police brutality and to bring to light the injustice that has been seen for hundreds of years. But what can us white people do to help unlearn and untangle racism? How can we use our white privilege to better the lives of POC people? What can we do to help boost the voices of those less likely to be heard? 

Below are resources for you to read, petitions to sign and funds to donate to. 

This is the time for us white people to do better. 

All links were correct at time of posting, this article will be reviewed frequently and updates to petitions and articles will be made if any changes. 

I am nowhere near perfect, I have a lot to learn and do myself. We all do. But, do not rely on those who have lived through these experiences to teach you, use the resources below that have already been made in order to learn. And ACTIVELY learn. ACTIVELY DO. Sign petitions, give to charities, support the work of black folx. 

Tony McDade – shot and killed by police in Tallahassee. Read what happened here

George Flyod – suffocated by police officer. Read what happened here 

Breonna Taylor – Shot in her home when police officers entered. Read what happened here

People to Follow 

Shaun King (@shaunking on instagram) 

Rachel Cargle (@rachel.cargle on instagram) 

Black Lives Matter official instagram (@blklivesmatter)

Asleigh Tribble (@asleighchubbybunny on instagram)

Florence Given (@florencegiven on instagram) – has links in BLM highlight of loads of resources and a checklist to check your privilege.

Oenone (@oenone on instagram) – has a link in BLM highlight of loads of resources

Stephanie Yeboah (@stephanieyeboah on instagram) – self love and body image 

Rachel Elizabeth Cargle (@rachel.cargle on instagram) – founder of the loveland foundation

Alicia Garza (@chasinggarza on instagram) – Black Activist 

DeRay Mckesson (@iamderay on instagram) – Black Activist

Mari Copney (@littlemissflint on instagram) – Black Activist 

There are thousands more people to follow on instagram but these are ones that came to me first! 

Websites and Articles 

Black Lives Matter 

Showing up for social justice 

List of books on how to be anti-racist 

List of books for white people to help them dismantle and understand racism 

Article to help understand your white privilege 

Gal-dem website that helps to share the experiences of women and LGTBQ+ people of colour


Battle racism by updating GCSE reading lists

Justice for Breonna Taylor 

Justice for George Flyod 

Justice for Tony McDade 

Petition for law reform (USA) 


The Bail Project non-profit that pays bail for those in need as an act of resistance against a racist system. 

Unicorn Riot non-profit organisation of artists and journalists working to expose the “root causes of dynamic social and environmental issues through amplifying stories and exploring sustainable alternatives in today’s globalised world”. 

Campaign zero organization looking at ending police brutality in america 

The LoveLand Foundation – showing up for communities of colour, particular focus on black women and girls 

This youtube video gives all proceeds to funds to help with the protests, do not skip any ads and listen at least half volume. Once played watch 3-5 other videos and then replay otherwise youtube will see it as spam and not count the view. It also has links in the description to loads of petitions so please sign them. 


Girl, Woman, Other – Bernadine Evaristo 

Me and White Supremacy – Layla. F. Saad. 

Negroland: A Memoir – Margo Jefferson 

The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Hakey – Ballantine Books 

Sister Outsider: Essay and Speeches by Audre Lorde – Crossing Press

How to Be an Antiracist – Ibram X. Kendi 

Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race – Reni Eddo-Lodge 

White Fragility – Robin DiAngelo 

So You Want To Talk About Race – Ijeoma Oluo 

How to Argue With A Racist – Adam Rutherford 

Brit(ish) – Afua Hirsch 

It’s Not About the Burqa – Edited by Mariam Khan

I am Not Your Baby Mother – Candic Brathwaite 

Queenie – Candice Carty-Williams 


Explained: The Racial Wealth Gap – to understand the concept of ‘white privilege’

Time: The Kalief Browder Story – true crime docuseries 

When They See Us – true crime docuseries 

13th Killed Malcom X?

There is so much out there for us to learn from and this is just a snippet and this will be added to regularly. Please first go to google and the resources before asking any POC a question as it just creates more emotional labour from them. Check what resources have been made first, especially resources from POC, google and then maybe ask if you can’t find the answer.

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