How I Helped to Increase My Self Esteem

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

During lock down I made a promise that I would come out of these feeling more confident than I’ve ever felt. And on some days I have definitely achieved this! I have a long way to go but continuing these tips I know it won’t be long! 

Below are the ways in which have helped me to improve my self esteem that are hella easy to do any time of day! 

1. Stop Negative Self Talk 

The way we speak to ourselves has a massive impact on how we feel and think about ourselves. So one way to help improve this? Notice when you think of something negative about yourself and change it to something positive! Noticing these small things will actually have such a major impact on how you see yourself! The more you negatively talk about something the more you will see that thing in a negative light! 

I used to think I had really dark circles under my eyes, and could never leave the house without makeup on. Now because i changed the way I talk to myself I feel more confident leaving the house without makeup and my dark circles aren’t even that bad! My constant fear that they are terrible and really dark is what caused me to ‘see’ it more and believe that they were really bad. 

2. Take Selfies 

This one seems pretty vain, but it really made me feel so much better about myself! The times that I felt pretty or good about myself, with or without makeup, I would start having a little photoshoot! Not only was it fun but it has made me feel better about having pictures taken as I’m more comfortable with myself! 

Set up a video and take face pics of full body pics, do different movements in cute outfits and it will seriously make you feel a million bucks! I say video as it’s easier to take a screen grab and get those ‘candids’.

3. Talk to People When you Feel Down 

Having a group of people or one that you are able to talk to when you aren’t feeling great about something is amazing. Helping you to realise all the amazing things that you have done and just letting you vent and coming up with ways to not feel like that again can all help to boost your self esteem. 

4. Appreciate your beauty 

For some people this may be too comfortable, but essentially when you are looking at yourself in the mirror or when you have taken a picture and look at all the things you like about yourself! This will be hard because we are used to looking at ourselves and pointing out all the bad things, so when you have a negative thought, shut it down. There will be things that you love about yourself, be it your eyes, your smile, the way your hair falls anything. Really look at yourself and point them out, either say them outloud or in your head and soon those things will be the first thing you see always. 

5. Tell yourself you’re pretty 

This one kind of goes along with the fourth point. Every morning wake up and say (or think) to yourself “I am pretty”. It will be hard and weird but you’ll soon start to believe it 

6. Affirmations 

I actually stir in my affirmations into my coffee every morning! I make the coffee and use that as my base, and then add my milk and sweetener (I add each with a purpose that I think of each day so may be different) and then stir it in a few times and repeat affirmations about 3 times each! I’ll say things like ‘I am my own definition of perfection’, ‘I am a goddess’. All very self-indulgent but saying these things to yourself every day will seriously make you feel bomb! Plus I then like to think I am drinking in the affirmations and making them stick for longer. If you don’t want to do that, think of three things to repeat to yourself while you get ready in the morning! 

7. Take care of yourself 

It will be hard to do any of these things if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Feeling run down and burnt out will make this hard for you to do. I typically feel like absolute crap when I don’t do those things to help me wind down once in a while and that’s when I spiral and have a really bad week in regards to my self-image. So do the things you love to do that make you feel calm and recharged! 

These have worked for me and have seriously done me the world of good when it comes to feeling better about myself. I still have days and sometimes weeks where I feel pretty crappy about myself and I have now also figured out when that happens (typically when I don’t look after myself well). Some things may not work for you and they won’t make you feel like a million dollars after one week. This is to help change the way that we have talked and viewed ourselves for years so change won’t happen overnight.

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